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Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise Description

Zombie TD: Uprise is yet another basic tower defense games that involves you killing the incoming zombies that just so happen to be after your brains! The large amount of weapons and zombie types can keep you entertained for quite a while. Let us warn you, it isn’t quite as fun as some of the others. The creators did a great job but after a few rounds it kind of gets boring. None-the-less, if you’re after a zombie tower defense game, you’ve come to the right spot.

Zombie TD: Uprise Tips and Tricks

When first starting out, we recommend you go with the easiest setting. The game moves kind of slow regardless, but getting a feel for the game is always important. There are a lot of weapons/defenses to choose from in Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise. Each of which can be upgraded. Note that there are also a lot of zombies; bosses, invisible (somewhat) flying and more. Some towers will only harm certain types of zombies. Try to take advantage of the corners. Place good weapons there so you can increase the amount of time each weapon has to shoot at the zombies.

Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise Pictures

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