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There are hundreds upon thousands of tower defense games all over the internet. Some are good, some bad and tons in between. Here we will list what we consider to be the top notch, best tower defense games available on the internet. Remember that this list is for the best td games available on your computer. We will compile a nice list for you iPad, iPhone and Android users on another page.

Best TD Games List

Here begins our list of the top 10 best tower defense games. They’re listed from 10 – 1 with rank #1 being the best game! Enjoy

#10 – Warzone Tower Defense

#10 Warzone Tower Defense

Coming in as the 10th best tower defense game is original “Warzone Tower Defense.” This game has been around for several years now and remains one of the top TD games.

>> Click here to Play Warzone Tower Defense

#9  – Gemcraft: Labyrinth

#9 Gemcraft: Labyrinth

This is yet another game that’s been around for a while. It’s called “Gemcraft: Labyrinth” and its an updated version to the original Gemcraft TD game. In this game the object is to destroy the monsters that come through the map.. and the way to do that is to place these gems on certain towers. You can create different gems, combine them and end up with something even more powerful. That is this game’s version of “upgrading” a tower. It’s a must play for every strategy td game lover.

>> Click here to Play Gemcraft: Labyrinth

#8  – SAS: Zombie Assault TD

#8 SAS: Zombie Assault TD

Our first and only zombie tower defense game on this list. SAS: Zombie Assault TD is, in our opinion, the best zombie tower defense game online! You place multiple defenses around the map with the ability to progress through levels. Its great because you can place barriers, machine guns and even snipers and machine gunners. Of course, if you place them on the ground the zombies will immediately come for them, so make sure you place them on top of buildings.

>> Click here to Play SAS: Zombie Assault TD

#7  – Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

#7 Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Another older game (don’t worry, we will get to the newer ones soon). Bubble Tanks Tower Defense may have been the game that sparked an interest in what is possible with td games. It packs a lot of content, great graphics and unique, fun game play.

>> Click here to Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

#6  – Incursion

#6 Incursion

Incursion is kind of similar to Kingdom Rush (rank #2). It does have some fun differences though, you place “towers” which are actually knights, archers and mages. You can have up to 3 fighters for each tower and each fighter can be upgraded. Incursion offers great graphics, fun game play and a lot of content. You can actually upgrade your knight, archers and mage’s skillpoints after completing each map.

>> Click here to Play Incursion

#5  – Demons Vs Fairyland

#5 Demons Vrs Fairyland

Demons Vs Fairyland is a great game with loads of content and even an interesting story line. If you enjoy playing those games with a little bit of story, you’ll love this. Even if you don’t.. you’ll probably still enjoy Demons Vs Fairyland.

>> Click here to Play Demons Vs Fairyland

#4  – Penguins Attack 3

#4 Penguins Attack 3

Penguins Attack 3 falls in #4 because of its great content, lovely visuals and the decent number of maps and upgrades. There is actually a fourth installment to the penguins attack series that is very similar. In fact, most of the games in this series aren’t very “different” in terms of upgrades and maps. Penguins Attack 4 actually looks better but seems to lack the amount of content found in penguins attack 3! They’re both great games and deserve this spot on our list of top 10 best td games.

>> Click here to Play Penguins Attack 3

#3  – Gaia Defense

#3 Gaia Defense

Gaia Defense is underrated by some websites (**cough** newgrounds). It easily deserves rank #3 for how fun this game is. There are 14 maps, multiple challenge levels, lots of weapon upgrades and the ability to create your own map PLUS view some of the most popular maps that other players have created. This game is absolutely fantastic! We have our fingers crossed that the creator will continue making upgrades and new releases. Watch our level 1 – 14 video walk through(s).

>> Click here to Play Gaia Defense

#2  – Kingdom Rush

#2 Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush needs no introduction… Unless you’re new to tower defense games or you’ve been living under a rock for the last year! It is slow when you first start out but trust that it picks up quickly. The amount of content is almost unrealistic. It’s also available on iTunes for your mobile devices. That’s how big this game is!

>> Click here to Play Kingdom Rush

#1  – Bloons TD 5

#1 Bloons TD 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the fifth installment of the bloons td game series. In this game you’ll be placing monkeys, spike traps, rockets and other defenses around a map. The object is to destroy the balloons before they make it to the end of the map. Some balloons contain yet another balloon. That is one of the reasons this game is so popular is because its fun to pop balloons and within one balloon is another, then another.. then another. Each defense monkey or weapon has at least 8 upgrades or more! They even progress so far that each tower can have different roles or abilities. There are several maps and even daily challenges. Bloons TD 5 can literally keep you entertained for days!

>> Click here to Play Bloons TD 5

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    No plants vs zombies!!! how you have made this list

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    Keeper of the Grove?

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    locks quest is so underrated

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    One More! Saturn Defense!

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    Nice. Great list! I’m a bit surprised to see bloons outrank KR, but the series probably has more total plays..?
    I am happy Incursion made the list.

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  • KeeperoftheGate

    I want to let you all know that there’s a new Tower Defense Game on
    Kickstarter called The King’s Armory but this one is a board game! – I’ve tried to contact the
    site, to let them know the old fashioned way, but the “contact me” page
    is down. Here’s the link. It’s awesome! Till Nov 27th 2013 ONLY!

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    The SAS game is hard at just the second level. Bloons TD 5 is a great classic 😀 and although I play Tower Defense on a very regular basis, I’ve never heard of Kingdom Rush :/

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    Well such a great list I must say. I definitely recommend you to try Age of Defenders. Not many people know this game yet. What a shame.

  • McFire

    What about marswar td? There you’re free to build deadly traps and roeds in everytime new ways and with other weapons.

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