Swarm Defender

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Swarm Defender Description

This is yet another great game from obelisk. Swarm Defender is a tower defense game that will have you building and upgrading various defenses in a mech/alien style atmosphere. The object, like other td games, is to destroy the invaders (aliens) with your towers. Each tower can be upgraded multiple times. As you progress through the game you’re awarded research points which can be spent to unlock a large variety of new, useful towers.

Swarm Defenders is one of those games you’ve seen a hundred times, but it’s also one of those games that got it right. It’s nothing new but its the best out there. It’s very fun to play, it looks pretty and can be quite addictive. The large amount of content offered in swarm defender will easily place this as one of the best TD games of the year.

Screenshot of Swarm Defender

Swarm Defender Game

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