Fallen Empire

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Fallen Empire Description

This is the flash game  “Fallen Empire.” Its a tower defense game where you place different types of traditional towers along a map to defeat waves of incoming creatures. Some fly and some walk. You’ll need to transform your towers to suit which types of enemy is coming along. For example, something that walks can be damaged by your arrow tower. Something that flies cannot be damaged by your arrow tower but you have the ability to switch your arrow tower into another tower that can actually damage the flying creatures. You’ll also unlock more weapons as you progress through the level; Things like snares (ice towers), AOE damage canon towers and more.

How to Play

As soon as the game loads you’ll want to click “Play.” Next you’ll click “New Game” then select the first map. The first map is the tower on the left side of the screen with a red flag sticking out. Next you’ll select your difficulty then start playing. There are in-game instructions to tell you the mechanics oh how the game works.

Fallen Empire Flash Game

  • ROFL

    This game is lame…

  • Dimi

    fuck you

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