Cursed Treasure 2

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Cursed Treasure 2 Description

This is yet another cursed treasure tower defense game from armorgames. The object is to defend your map with three main types of towers. Earth, Fire and Ice. These towers can be upgrades as you go and they can only be placed in certain parts of the map. Example: you can only place the earth defense towers on green earthy areas, you cannot place the ice tower on the fire areas, etc. You’ll be defending against different enemies that are trying to take your gems. If you lose all your gems, you lose that level.

Cursed Tower 2 offers a large amount of content, easy to understand game play and great graphics. If you haven’t played the original cursed treasure game, we recommend trying that first so you can see what an upgrade this new one got!

Strategy for Cursed Treasure 2

There seems to be no far fetched strategy you should follow when playing this game. Its very simple, place your towers in the correct position and make sure you upgrade them.

Cursed Treasure 2 Picture

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