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Bloons TD 5 Description

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the latest (as of early 2013) installment of the very popular tower defense games “Bloons.” Its your not-so-basic tower defense game in which you must place dart throwing monkeys, cannons, wizards and more around your map to keep the balloons from reaching the finish line. The balloons can be all different colors and can also contain other balloons. One of the most impressive things about Bloons Tower Defense 5 (and the other bloons td games, for that matter) is the increasingly large amount of things happening at once. Hundreds of balloons trying to make it by the thousands of tacks, darts, bombs and laser beams your monkeys are shooting at them.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Tips & Tricks

One of the main things you’ll want to focus on while playing Bloons TD 5 is upgrading your monkeys and other defense items. This will keep you one step ahead of the increasingly large amount of balloons headed your way. Also, try setting up 3 or 4 spike traps around close corners, these can easily pop 5 or 10 balloons at once.

The final tip for this particular game is to go ahead and create an account. If you’ve never played a Bloons Tower Defense game, its likely that you’re not expecting the amount of fun most people get from these games. One can literally play it for hours building up money, popping balloons and just having fun. So creating a username to save your hard earned work is always a great idea.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Screenshots

Bloons TD 5 Screenshot Bloons Tower Ddefense 5 Pic

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  • Snipp

    i love these games. the popups (alerts) are pretty annoying but well worth the hassle i suppose

  • Jackson

    I love ninja kiwi with this game they hit a home run thumbs up if you agree

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